Diagnostics-UK is able to offer bespoke ecosystem Portal solution development forDUK-Services elderly care and LTC population enabling support and development of integrated Tele-Medicine and Tele-Health solutions.

We can provide a collaborative working partnership model to NHS and Social Care teams. We can offer affordable scalable solutions with agreements in place with OEM of Tele-Health devices that are integrated with Tele-Medicine Portals. These can offer an advanced scalable integrated care model for remote monitoring, continued care and remote Tele-Consultation.

Our independent sector Healthcare partner providers can offer a high quality, high volume Tele-Medicine service to fill the service gaps enabling a Continued Care model for an integrated Acute care and Primary care enabling identification of patients suitable for Community Care management.

Diagnostics-UK has compiled, through its own proprietary systems, related IT Support Services and an alliance with reputed external providers to offer a service mix that conforms to the central Policies & Guidelines.

A full array of Diagnostics-UK services include:

  • Independent Quality Assurance and Audit Services for Tele-Health
  • Offering an independent model to assess for device options, suitability of devices and selection that meet the requirements for an integrated community care management pathway, offer continued care with remote monitoring of vital parameters, enable an early safe patient discharge, remote review and consultation, remote intervention, medication compliance and patient adherence solutions in a cost effective manner.
  • Consultancy services and Training for GP-SI
  • Healthcare and related IT software development; Data Analytics, Stratification filters and Escalation Model Solutions
  • Providing bespoke solutions for the Healthcare sector with our IT team specializing in the development of medical databases, eMedicine and IT software whilst also supporting teaching and research activities at a number of prestigious teaching institutions.